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3 Things

Jan. 7th, 2013 | 05:23 pm
location: classroom.
♥: coldcold
♪: Spica - Lonely
posted by: yootothesu in eusha_eusha


In this world, there's 3 things Eric loves about Hyesung.

What is it?

3 Things about you that I love.


First, your sulking face. Well, your pouting pose when you’re angry with me, when Junjin makes fun about you, or when Minwoo kisses you. I didn’t realize about how much this thing is precious until yesterday, I found you sat on our couch while pouting but your hands holding your favorite hot chocolate.

It was remind me, how we met on SM’s trainee room in 1998; we couldn’t do anything beside talk to each other and practice because we were trainees back then.  The first time I looked at you, your gaze was intense and I couldn’t help it, either nobody. Jung Pilkyo was staring at me with his flawless face; intense gaze; and of course, his sulking pose. Oh for God’s sake I want to ki-- no. The sulking pose in front me was…. breathtaking.

A beautiful lips pecks on mine, bring my mind back on you. “Eric, what are you staring at?” I saw your eyes speak so much words, I staring at him. “You. Finished your choco?” He put the tumbler on the table behind me, then his hands curled on my neck. “Yes. Now tell me what is on your mind?” I just tighten our gap and tell him, “I already tell you, it’s you.” and my lips landed on his attractive lips. After our passionate kiss, he is sulking about how I lied to him again, anyway.


Second, your shy personality. The position of Little Prince in Shinhwa are Shin Hyesung and it’s you. Your attitude are everything in this entertainment world, for reminder. Your little prince attitude were a little annoying when we’re still young but now you’re mature after all…. in a cute way of course.

The clock are moving forward while I sat on the chair, in the studio. 3 hours ago, me and Minwoo discussed about our new latest album but no one idea come out from my brain. I felt dizzy when a pair of hands combed my hair and squeezed my hands too. “Hyesung? What are you doing?” His pale face looked at me with a pity feeling, I’m gonna punch him later. Ouch! I’m joking! “Minwoo  called me and told me you’re under stress now, why you keep it by yourself? You can sharing with me.” His knees weaken and I catch him before his body completely fall off. “Be careful. Come on sit on my lap.” My hands on his waist, prove him that I always protect this little prince. “I can’t tell you because……… you have been burdened by your job, I couldn’t make it worse.” I felt like a lips make its way to my cheeks, and he pecks it. “Eric, you always know our decision. Come on, discuss it together. I’m going to make coffee for you.” I sighed. Hyesung are mature now;  and I'm proud.


Third, your cold hands. Your hands are always cold when I took you to park or when we’re on dating in this winter. The last things I love about you are when your soft hands are cold.

It was happen when I took him to my favorite park, 2 days ago. “Hyesung, your hands are cold again.” I looked him, worried. “It’s okay Eric, it always cold, anyway.”  His eyes are warmer than his hands, trying to make me less worried. “Nope, it’s not okay. Give me your hands.” and he gave his hands. I landed my kiss on his hands, my mom always say that this way are more effective than hide them under bonfire. “Eric..” he looked me with a unbelievable pose, “It’s warm now.” while I smiled. It’s works anyway. I must to call Mom later.

this fic is surely crap omg i'll punch the writer right now
no it's me.
kajshfkajhfkasdjfhasfkjhaskhfjakhfjashdf eric and hyesung make me dizzy these past days, i even can't study :<
blame on them or on me?

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Shin Hyesung Icons [33]

Nov. 27th, 2012 | 03:06 pm
posted by: animeuver in eusha_eusha

Hello everyone, it's my first time posting here, pleased to meet you guys. :3

Created 33 icons for Hyesung's 33rd birthday, enjoy!


Click for more atani_uvgraphics

locked in 72 hours.

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Sixteen and A Day

Nov. 21st, 2012 | 07:31 am
posted by: falsefallacy in eusha_eusha

Title: Sixteen and A Day
Author: falsefallacy
Pairing: Hyesung-centric/multiple
Length: One-shot (cut into three parts)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "What's wrong with loving you?"

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Hurts - One Shot

Oct. 23rd, 2012 | 04:10 am
posted by: the_resolver in eusha_eusha

Title:  Hurts
Author: the_resolver
Fandom:  SHINHWA       
Chapter:  1/1 One Shot
Pairing:  RicSung – Eric/Hyesung
Rating: Pg-15
Warning:  One curse word, Angst.
Summary: Sometimes love just hurts. Hyesung knows this more than anyone else.
A/N: Someone should stop me…

Carefully dressing myself I think about why you would possibly call me out. )

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[One-Shot] Fangs

Sep. 16th, 2012 | 01:10 pm
posted by: knowmonsta in eusha_eusha

Fangs by knowmonsta
Eric/Onew (SHINee) / PG-13 / 3,081 words / AU/Crack / prompt: Halloween
Summary: Lee Jinki's new neighbor is both attractive and suspicious.

The only thing that illuminates the room is the occasional bolt of lightning, and Lee Jinki gives an involuntary shiver every time he notices it pass through his living room curtains.

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[Fic] Comfort (1/1)

Sep. 7th, 2012 | 01:07 pm
♥: nostalgicnostalgic
♪: Teardrop Waltz - Spring Waltz OST
posted by: kam2452 in eusha_eusha

Title: Comfort
Author: kam2452
Pairing: Eric/Hyesung 
Rating: PG-16
Inspiration: Episode 15 of Shinhwa Broadcast 
Summary: It's been a long day, and Eric needs his safety blanket. 

Read More

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Your Listening Wall

Sep. 5th, 2012 | 08:48 am
posted by: cloudyes in eusha_eusha

tittle: Your Listening Wall
pairing: Ricsyung
rating: PG
genre: angst, drama
Summary: Hyesung make a big mistake in his life and he sulking at home. The members keep visiting him to cheer him up. [i'm not very good in summary]

“Don’t worry, he wouldn’t shoo you out. In this situation, he won’t even he wants to…”

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[FIC] Suit Me (1/1)

Sep. 4th, 2012 | 03:50 am
♪: Throw My First by Shinhwa
posted by: kam2452 in eusha_eusha

Title: Suit Me (1/1)
Pairing: Jun Jin/Andy
Rating: R
Inspiration: Throw My Fist Music Video
Summary: The white suit had been an excellent idea, stupendous really, probably the best idea anyone in the world had ever had since Andy had met Jun Jin.

Read More

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FIC - Of Hair, Fanboy and Lust - part II

Sep. 2nd, 2012 | 12:20 pm
posted by: ms_ravishing in eusha_eusha

Title: Of Hair, Fanboy and Lust - Part II - fin
Author: ms_ravishing
Pairing: Ricsyung - Ricsung of Shinhwa
Genre: fluff 
Length: two shot
Summary: How random things such as hair, fanboy and lust bothers Eric's daily live now...

( I'm running out of reasons )

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FIC - Of Hair, Fanboy and Lust - part I

Aug. 23rd, 2012 | 02:37 pm
posted by: ms_ravishing in eusha_eusha

Title: Of Hair, Fanboy and Lust - part I
Author: ms_ravishing
Pairing: Ricsyung - Ricsung of Shinhwa
Genre: fluff 
Length: two shot (probably, I haven't finished the next part ahahaha)
Summary: How random things such as hair, fanboy and lust bothers Eric's daily live now...

The hair causes it all )

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